Project Management: Big XII Conference Fundraiser

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Description and Goal of Assignment

As president of the Associated Black Collegians in 2009 I found that we were given a $750 budget towards conferences that we never used in years because at that limit, only one student could to travel to the Big XII Black Student Leadership Conference. It was clear that if we wanted to get members to that conference we had to use ourselves as our only resource. I got the idea to put on a Step Show performance to raise money. Stepping is a form of dance made signature by college fraternities and Sororities in the US. To gain some financial support I let our Admissions department know that we could bring hundreds of African American students to our university from all over St. Louis.

The goal of putting on this event was to raise as much money as possible to pay for the flights, lodging and conference fees for as many of our members as possible. We had a goal of $2,000. 



- I began by planning the entire structure of the competition and laid out all of our possible outlets to reach the people we wanted to attend. I established that social media, radio, and word of mouth were the main best channels for us to use. Because the teams involved were from high schools in every area of the city building an air of competition would create the most buzz. Radio announced the competition and grew excitement by having competing teams call in and converse on air about why their team is the best.

- I went around to each team’s practices and got video footage of their schools and teams. This was turned into a promo video that was shared on the internet. This gave everyone a view of what teams were putting into their performances, and made abstract idea of students from all over coming together in one arena more concrete.

Findings and Recommendations

- Attendance reached to over 1,000 guests not including the competing groups.

- Over $7,000 was made in one night which was the most ever made by a student organization in one event at UM- St. Louis

Personal Reflections and Contributions

I created the idea of this high school step show competition and had to utilize my project management skills to

- communicate our needs to campus and athletic officials

-schedule staff, security, vendors, and participating high schools

- maintaining a calendar of promotional deadlines

- and act as a hub of communication and decision making among the members in our organization.

It was difficult to ensure every detail was taken care of for an event this large that had never taken place before. I delegated leaders to make sure the teams, audience, concessions, and entry were managed efficiently.

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