“I want to get started on this asap.”

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A few posts ago I detailed the cozy vibing session my Made Monarchs team and I had together. We got down to the soul of what we do. Now I’ve dished out the bones, skin, and stylish coif of this growing body. I created an Analysis of the Good, the Bad, and the possible. I didn’t think it would make a big deal but I got an amazing response the first reply email said I love love LOVE this!! very laid out and helpful. . .I want to get started on this asap.

Moments like that make me feel like I was born a planner. I felt like I took our abstract being and greatness that was already there and made it clear for everyone to see in a plain powerpoint. (Below is an excerpt page from my SWOT, it was internal so please excuse the incomplete sentences lol)

It’s not Apple or Nike science but I’m learning and proud of myself!

The Strengths, Pulled from my SWOT within my Analysis

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