Our work released: Forplai by Lamman Rucker

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In the summer of 2011 I was chosen to create an agency and conduct client work in a fast-forward setting with 10 other recent graduates from around the country.

My on going role was the project manager (The person who manages accurate communication, schedules and deadlines between the accounts side, creative, and everyone else).

For this project I dug my fingers in deeper as an account planner by conducting most of the research that brought about the message of this commercial.

In a simple way here is how things went (My involvement is underlined):
- Client asked for work –>

- We (Client & Accounts) evaluated what they wanted, and what they needed –>

- The Account Planning team then researches and exposes insights, we then use those insights to inspire creative with a detailed instruction document (called a Creative Brief) –>

- Client-side managers proposed our budgets and creative concepts to the client for approval –>

- Creative then produced this:

The Creative team did all the casting, location scouting, filming, editing..etc (Our Video producer just got hired at Weiden+Kennedy). This all was built on our insights about the Brand, Market, and Target Audience.
Our once sentence creative message was:

Embody your genuine confidence with intimacy

read more about us at www.Bippitus.com
(Marketing, Advertising or creative design students should definitely apply for this program –MGP)

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