The Elevator Pitch

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Probably the most important thing in this business is The Pitch. Which also happens to be one of the most stressful things for me to do when it comes to my personal elevator pitch. Why should we care about you? is such a touch question for me to answer.

I’ve lived my life (of only 24 years) always showing my work and letting the quality speak for itself. For some reason how good you are isn’t analyzed through your past projects or skill sets, but through what you say to catch the decision maker’s ear. When it comes to the hiring process I understand the fact that they can’t analyze every applicant because everyone will look good on paper. It seems only the charismatic dragons make it to where they want to be in the industry.

Here was the first time I created an elevator pitch for my application to the Marcus Graham Project in Dallas, Tx:

I was accepted and spent the summer of 2011 working with great agencies such as RAPP, The Marketing Arm, W+K, and TPN inc. I was also selected to travel on a consumer research tour across the country. I’m not sure how much weight this video held but looking back I’m not completely satisfied with it. My choppy speech and odd gaze make it seem as if I’m reading a teleprompter, but I’m NOT! That’s just how hard I planned for the 30 second time limit; I memorized my pitch word for word. The result was rather polished on my canon t2i with some use of After Effects but My message seems so contrived and robotic lol.

I promise I’m not a robot I just work so hard on configuring messages that I don’t always come across as relaxed and conversational.

As my hunt for a position goes on I’ve gotten more adapt to giving the intended message but in a more conversational tone. Being nervous, uncomfortable, and to practiced makes things seem fabricated. From here on I’m going to loosen up the bow-tie and let my personality flow more freely.

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